Low pressure dust collectors CKU SERIES

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  • Very compact,  light, silent  (54 to 73 dB).
  • Can be placed in narrow and hardly reachable spaces and  be integrated to production equipment.
  • 24h-a-day  use without any risk of overheating. 
  • Adaptable to any kind of environment. 
  • Capacity  of prefilter:  2,5  to 8 liters. 
  • Possibility to collect precious particulates thanks to a  prefilter bag. 
  • Adapted  for productions  requiring  microprecision:  particles  from  cutting,  drilling,sharpening,  fettling,  shooting 
  • Capture of dust when cleaning by blowing.
  • Suction of particulates when checking the products manufacturing  before assembling.
  • Elimination of particulates generated by the movement and the friction by apparels used during  the manufacturing of products 

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Low pressure dust collectors CKU SERIES

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