High pressure dust collectors CBA SERIES

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Category: Dust Collector/lase Cleaner

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  • •  Ultra-compact,  light,  easy to integrate:  321x260x274  mm.
  • Strong static pressure: 8,5  kPa to 10 kPa.
  • Possible  connection several spots of suction. 
  • They are particularly  adapted for hoses with small diameters for a suction which is very closed to the source of dust generation.
  • 24h-a-day running without any risk of overheating.
  • Possible  combination with cyclone for important emissions of dust. 
  • Elimination  of  particulates  produced  during  the  movements  and frictions from  the machines used when manufacturing the products.
  • Suction of the  particulates attracted by static electricity on the products.
  • Suction when checking the manufactured products before assembling.
  • Capture of dust when cleaning by blowing 

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High pressure dust collectors CBA SERIES

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