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  • Economic  solution  to  make  up for the concern  of important  generation of dust  (adapted  to  particulates  z 1 Oµ). 
  • Used as prefilter  or  separator  of fine  and  heavy  particulates  for general  purpose. 
  • Simple,  easy  to  use,  doesn't  require  any  specific  care.
  • Important  capacity  :  8L,  1 OL et  18L.
  • Enables  filter  cost  savings.
  • Use of cyclone  with  High  pressure  dust  collectors  (CVA-1030, CBA-080AT-HC-CE)  for  an efficient  suction. 
Running mechanisms 
Dust enters the top of the cyclone. It is thrown in  a rotary movement to the inner  side and falls  down into the drawer by simple  gravity.  Newly cleaned air and remaining  micro-particulates  then circulate at the center to the cyclone in another rotary movement and are evacuated to the dust collector. 

A second cyclone enables the separation of heavy and light  particulates in order to reduce dust emission in the exhaust pipe. 

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