Paper Dunnage Air Bag

his kind of best selling products Paper dunnage bags(PPL- 80), also known as a cushioning bag, is a new type of packaging, non-toxic and tasteless. which is not easy to be damaged and strong against pressure. It has good stability and can maintain sufficient strength and elongation in dry and wet conditions. It has many outstanding advantages such as excellent cushioning performance, recyclable, environmental protection, small size, which can reduce storage and logistics costs, and help to enhance the overall packaging image of the product and the company. This kind of air bag can be used in any normalized working environment.


Model Number:PPL- 80
Outer layer material:PPL, paper
Inner bag material:PA
Certificate:AAR level 1
compression force:≥9.5tons
Certification: AAR approved dunnage bags and SGS approved

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Paper Dunnage Air Bag

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